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            I’m Tired of Being Told to Get a “Real Job”

            Government figures show that the country’s creative industries contributed £111.7 billion to the UK in 2018, equivalent to £306 million every day

            Take a Tour Through a Japanese Shopping Arcade with Omar Victor Diop

            “I was surprised to see that there are more similarities between Senegalese and Japanese culture than there are differences”

            The Memeification of Rodchenko’s Iconic Soviet Portrait

            “Rodchenko’s portrait of Brik is a photograph that we are deeply familiar with, but in a doubly decontextualised form”

            Out and About: Sunil Gupta’s Portrait of New Delhi’s Burgeoning Queer Scene

            “He occupies a space somewhere between performance and protest, lodging himself into the collective postcolonial nation-building”

            Bill Henson’s Photograph of a Floating Girl Captured My Own Teenage Longing

            “Flying in the sky above it all, she bears witness to the inherent power I also felt I possessed as a teenage girl”

            These Are the Artists You Need to Know Right Now

            From environmental activism to a celebration of the vulva, these artists are changing the creative landscape with work that is surprising, confrontational and uplifting.

            Grace Haynes Feb 06 2020 1
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