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            About Us

            Life Through Art

            Established in 2010, Elephant celebrates creativity and contemporary culture in the visual arts. We cover the international art world, with a focus on emerging artists, designers and photographers.?

            We publish daily stories online, as well as putting together a quarterly print magazine that is distributed internationally. Our audience is based all over the world, and we champion a diversity of voices in our commissioning.?

            Elephant takes a non-hierarchical approach to contemporary art, bringing together pop culture, music, graphic design, illustration and memes in our coverage. We are an art magazine for modern life, exploring how politics, the internet and creativity collectively shape our world.?

            Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and sign up to the Elephant newsletter for the latest updates. Our print archive, alongside the current Elephant issue, can be ordered through the Elephant Kiosk.?




            The Elephants

            Emily Steer

            Louise Benson
            Deputy Editor

            Holly Black

            Emily Gosling

            Charlotte Jansen

            Benjamin Verheijden
            Commercial Manager

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